B2B: Offer Your Clients Personalized Custom Beverages
About Us...
Personalize it! is a glass bottle screen printing service of Morgan Walker International, New York-based specialists in beverage branding. We apply your client's logo and special message to either our own line of premium alcohol-free beverages and glass bottles, or to alcohol products you purchase from retailers.   Your client's graphic design is applied direct to the bottle with ceramic or epoxy ink and fired on at 1500+ degrees for re-usable durability.  This results in waterproof glass with greater flexibility and longer lasting impact beyond the wear and tear of paper labels. It enables your clients to have their own custom glass for normal business branding or  commemorative keepsakes for special events, holidays, gifts, alumni fundraisers and much more.   See our product catalog including our full range of beverages, glass containers, and bottle packaging.  
How to get started?
To get started as a Personalize it! Consultant, click the links above to learn more and register.  If your company is a retail liquor store or an event planning, wedding consulting, promotional product, or beverage distribution firm, then Personalize It! is a perfect fit.   There is no upfront financial investment, no MLM, and no sales quotas.  Rather Personalize it!  is offered as an add-on product or service for  your current business.  
Beverages and beyond...
Although most of our sales come from beverages, we also print filled and empty glass bottles, jars, and other bottled liquid products you supply including olive oil, maple syrup, honey, and sauces.  For empty re-usable glass check out our line of imported swingtop bottles.  


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